Pogba, Lukaku’s return to Serie A is good

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Italy legend Alessandro Del Piero has pointed out that Paul Pogba. And Romelu Lukaku’s return to Serie A is a great thing for Serie A. Football in the country

         Roma’s victory in the Europa Conference League is the first such achievement for a Spanish team in European competition since Inter Milan’s Champions League trophy in 2010.

         With the success of Italian football in Europe declining in recent times. With all the big players playing in Spain or England. Del Piero sees getting the two stars back as a matter of course. The good of the Italian football league ufabet.

         With Lukaku’s struggles in the Premier League but is dominant in Serie A Ah, telling the difference between the two leagues, Del Piero said: “Right now the Premier League is the best football. You can see it in terms of teams that are performing at a high level and with what’s going on in the Champions. the league and in the Europa League, their play is the answer.”

         “It’s a different kind of sport at times. It seems that in the Premier League you are more active. You must be stronger You must be more amazing It’s not like that because in Italy we have these but Italy is struggling right now. both in the national team and at the club level.”

         “So last season showed a little bit, Roma winning trophies is a great hope for the future in the Europa, so Lukaku to Inter and Pogba to Juve are great things for Italian football. to be strong again and play a particular role in the Champions League.”