How to cut nails correctly For good nail health

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Nails are one thing that we should always take care of and keep them clean on both hands and feet. To create beauty Easy on the eyes when meeting with different people. and for trimming nails It is another way to take care of your nails. By always cut nails into a good looking shape, it will make your hands and feet look more beautiful. Way to trim your toenails can help prevent inflammation or infection.

Choose a nail clipper that is suitable for your toes.

Some people think that cutting toenails requires using large nail clippers to make cutting the toenails easier. But actually, using nail clippers that aren’t the right size for your toes can cause wounds and cause inflammation. You can come. You don’t even have to buy a nail clipper for your toenails. Use only nail clippers for your fingernails. Together with other nail clipping equipment, that’s it. But don’t forget to consider the cleanliness of the equipment. You should wipe it clean with alcohol before and after use. To prevent those devices from being infected as well. Report by ยูฟ่าเบท

Cut gently.

Cutting toenails doesn’t have to be rushed. Because rushing to cut your toenails may cause them to break or tear. You should cut your toenails off little by little until the toenails are short enough. It may take a lot of time. But it definitely won’t hurt.

When cutting nails, they should be cut in a straight manner.

Proper toenail trimming does not require cutting the toenails so that they curve along the toes in order to be beautiful. But it should be cut straight away. Because besides being easy to cut, it can also help reduce ingrown toenails.

Do not cut your nails too short.

Don’t think that by cutting your nails until they’re short, you won’t get ingrown toenails. Because the shorter the cut, the greater the risk of ingrown toenails. The best way is to cut your nails to a little longer than the part where the nail attaches to the skin.

Cut your toenails when they’re dry, not when they’re wet!

Still, there are quite a few people who believe that cutting toenails should be done when the toenails are wet so that they are easier to cut. But did you know that cutting your nails when they’re wet? Toenails are soft, making them easier to break or chip when dry. It’s also harder to cut than before. Therefore, stop soaking your feet in water before starting to trim your toenails.

Do not cut the skin at the base of your nails

Cutting the skin at the base of the nail does not make the toenail look cleaner as is commonly thought. It can also cause bleeding and wounds. Because the skin in that area is more fragile than other areas. But if you want to trim the skin around the base of your nails more neatly, you should use specialized nail trimming equipment. It will be safer.