Ways to grow beautiful trees in pots.

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Planting plants in pots is a good idea. And suitable for people who love plants but don’t have enough space to plant them. Moreover, planting trees, including flowering plants or other types of plants, in pots can also be used to decorate the interior of the building. Because it’s easy to move And it’s not that difficult to take care of.

Planting material is the key : Report by สมัคร ufabet

You should choose planting materials that drain well, are lightweight, and retain moisture well, such as coconut coir and chopped coconut husks. If it’s a bag of soil You should check carefully first whether there is clay mixed in or not. Otherwise, there may be a problem with waterlogging. And you should put the planting material a little lower than the edge of the pot. Prevents soil splashing when watering.

Pot size is important

The most common pot sizes are 6 inches, 8 inches, 10 inches, up to 12 inches. Terracotta pots should not be larger than 12 inches because they break easily. If a larger size is required It is better to choose a concrete or ceramic pot. The pot must have a wide mouth and a narrow bottom, with the diameter equal to the height or depth. Use for planting trees in general because the depth of the pot will help support the plant well. Including having enough space to add planting materials and fertilizer to support the growth of the root system.


The easiest way to notice loamy soil is to try watering the soil until it is moist. Pick up a handful of dirt and let go. If the soil does not clump together It means that the proportions are just right.
• A garden that is on a balcony or condo. Often encounters windy and sunny conditions. You should choose durable plants such as colored pineapples, cactus, or edible garden vegetables.
• You should choose pots with drainage holes at the bottom to prevent waterlogging. And don’t forget to place a saucer for water as well.
• Regularly shovel the soil around the edge of the pot. To make the soil airy, do it gradually or the roots will be affected.